Ananya Panday Shares Shah Rukh Khan’s Excitement for ‘Dream Girl 2’ Trailer.

Ananya Panday is currently engaged in the promotional activities for her upcoming film, ‘Dream Girl 2,’ in collaboration with her co-star Ayushmann Khurrana. In a recent revelation, she shared that Shah Rukh Khan is also brimming with excitement to catch a glimpse of the movie.

Ananya unveiled that Shah Rukh Khan has expressed his enthusiastic approval of the ‘Dream Girl 2’ trailer. The renowned actor found the trailer remarkably humorous and is eagerly anticipating the film’s release, as conveyed by the actress during an interaction with News18.

Furthermore, Ananya recounted a heartwarming incident where Shah Rukh Khan watched her on screen for the first time and sent her a heartfelt, lengthy message. She cherished this message so much that she had it framed. Despite their longstanding acquaintance, Ananya admitted to feeling starstruck every time Shah Rukh Khan enters the room. Her admiration extends beyond his acting prowess; she admires his genuine wit, humility, sense of humor, and compassionate nature. Ananya shared how Shah Rukh Khan has imparted numerous valuable life lessons, growing up, through his actions and demeanor.

The much-anticipated ‘Dream Girl 2’ is scheduled to grace theaters on August 25th.

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