How #ShameOnKajolHotstar Top -Trending on Twitter?

After the revelation that Kajol’s ‘Social Media Break’ post was a stunt, #ShameOnKajolHotstar become trending on Twitter.

Promotional strategies play an important role in creating hype and the entertainment industry, people always think out of the box and come out with some unique promotional stunts. But it doesn’t necessarily work in their favor every time as Kajol’s recent stunt has landed her in trouble which has #ShameOnKajolHotstar trending on Twitter. 

Kajol Devgn, a Bollywood legend, erased all of her Instagram postings yesterday, saying she is taking a break from social media but did not provide a clear justification for doing so, which raised a lot of concerns in the industry and among the general public.

But shortly thereafter, she shared the poster for her new Disney Plus Hotstar legal drama series named ‘The Trial,’ which revealed that the preceding post was really a promotional trick by Kajol to raise excitement for her upcoming series.

This promotional strategy backfired horribly on her, and people began bashing and ridiculing her for engaging in such an activity, which worried those who liked her and wounded their feelings as well. As a result, the hashtag #ShameOnKajolHotstar started to become popular on Twitter.

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